Ron Paul on ABC World News 10-3-07

Artigo na ABC News: "...Paul's campaign announced Wednesday afternoon that the congressman from Texas had raised more than $5 million -- twice as much as he raised in the last quarter. Almost every other candidate hit the traditional third-quarter lull in the summer and raised less money. (...)

The organization of the campaign popped up spontaneously on the Internet with these meet-up groups," Paul told ABC News. "It's natural that they would donate the money. So in many ways, the campaign has found me as much as I have found them. It's not a top-down organization. It's sort of bottom up. All we have done at the campaign is provide the message, and the message turns out to be popular."

Paul said the crowds are excited about his "message of limited government and following the Constitution." He wants to do away with much of the bureaucracy in the federal government. If it is not spelled out in the Constitution, Paul probably does not support it. Take the Department of Education. President Paul would get rid of it. Same with the IRS. In the House, the former obstetrician votes against so many spending and government bills he's called "Dr. No." ..."

But attracting the most interest, political observers say, is Paul's long-standing opposition to the war in Iraq. (...)"

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