Série "Internacionalismo é"

O Wilsonianismo:

1. Ajudar à tomada de poder de Lenine:

"After the Czar abdicated [consequência directa da guerra]...soon came pressure for Russia to stay in war (...) slogan was "no fight, no loans". Jim Powell

2. Destruir a monarquia austriaca:

"...Wilson had as one of his main foreign-policy representatives a confirmed socialist preacher by the name of Reverend George Davis Herron.

The Habsburg Monarchy petitioned Wilson to negotiate a separate peace treaty in February of 1918, before the war ended later in November and sent as its representative Professor Heinrich Lammasch to meet with the American representative Reverend Herron.

They spent two days together and Professor Lammasch revealed the plan to create a federated political body which was entirely in keeping with one of Wilson ’s Fourteen Points; i.e., that individual nations (ethnic groups) would be "accorded the freest opportunity of autonomous development."

The book states: During the night he [Herron] began to wrestle with this "temptation," as "Jacob wrestled with God near the Yabbok." By morning he knew that he had gained complete victory over himself; Lammasch had been nothing but an evil tempter. No! The Habsburg Monarchy had to go because the Habsburgs as such were an obstacle to progress, democracy, and liberty. Had they remained in power the whole war would have been fought in vain." John V. Denson

3. Destruir a monarquia alemã:

"On October 7 the German government informed Wilson that they wanted peace negotiations and embraced the Fourteen Points outlined in His January 8, 1918, speach to a joint session of Congress.(...)"

"On October 16, Prince Max received a note from Wilson demanding that Kaiser Wilhelm adbicate." Jim Powell

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