Série "Vamos lá ser moralistas"

Por outro lado, os curdos foram vítimas da falta de jeito dos state-designers, que tanta confusam espalharam um pouco por todo o lado, e/ou do pragmatismo do momento.


"(...) the Allies agreed and planned to create several countries within its former boundaries. Originally Kurdistan, along with Armenia, was to be one of them, according to the never-ratified Treaty of Sèvres. However, the reconquest of these areas by Kemal Atatürk and other pressing issues caused the Allies to accept the renegotiated Treaty of Lausanne, accepting the border of the modern Republic of Turkey and leaving the Kurds without a self-ruled region. Other Kurdish areas were assigned to the new British and French mandated states of Iraq and Syria under both treaties.

The Kurdish delegation made a proposal at the San Francisco Peace Conference in 1945, showing the geographical extent of Kurdistan as claimed by the Kurds. This proposal encompasses an area extending from the Mediterranean shores near Adana to the shores of the Persian Gulf near Bushehr, and it includes the Lur inhabited areas of southern Zagros.[16][17]

Since World War I, Kurdistan has been divided between several states, in each of which Kurds are minorities"

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E, além disso, o Churchill ainda lhes deu mandou gás para cima (ou queria mandar).