Reason blog: "I voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004, in 2006 I voted third party and Paul is the only reason I came back to the GOP. I am a married father of two, I was an infantryman in the Army, and I support Paul 110%. He is the first candidate that I have ever given money to. I go to meetups and out of the 7 people there, half were military veterans.

There are some very vocal extremes on one side or the other, sure. But there are MANY MANY others like me who are just fed up, concerned about fiscal and foreign policy and who are not leftist democrats. I can't stomach Giuliani or Clinton for the same reasons, they are basically the same candidate. Hillary will bankrupt us with 'free' healthcare, and Giuliani will do it with endless war.

The reason the extremes get the attention is because they are the most vocal, trust me, they are not the only ones. I have shown Ron to friends and told them to look him up and had them actually register to vote because they believed in him after hearing him on the net. He is turning people on to our party, not turning them away. No other GOP candidate is doing that, they are just trying to win the (shrinking) traditional base."

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