«Ron Paul - A diamond in the rough»

Tirado do «Ron Paul for President»:

«Last night it was the Republican’s turn to participate in the spanish-translated Univision debate (Transcript). For me, the single most awe-inspiring moment was when Ron Paul responded to the audience’s disapproval of his response with: more honesty.

MODERATOR: It’s the presidential forum, the Republican one. We’re going to talk about something else. Now we’re going to talk about Latin America. A week ago, exactly a week ago, Venezuela rejected changes to the constitution, but the president, Hugo Chavez… (APPLAUSE)
President Hugo Chavez has insisted that he’s going to propose them again. Many consider him a threat to democracy in the region.
If you were elected president, how would you deal with Chavez? Let’s start with Congressman John Paul — Ron Paul, sorry.
PAUL: Well, he’s not the easiest person to deal with, but we should deal with everybody around the world the same way: with friendship and opportunity to talk and try to trade with people.
PAUL: We talked to — we talked to Stalin, we talked to Khrushchev, we’ve talked to Mao, and we’ve talked to the world, and we get along with people.
PAUL: Actually, I believe we’re at a time where we even ought to talk to Cuba and trade and travel to Cuba.
But let me — let me tell you — let me tell you why — let me tell you why we have a problem in South America and Central America: because we’ve been involved in their internal affairs for so long. We have been meddling in their business.
We create the Chavezes of the world, we create the Castros of the world by interfering and creating chaos in their countries, and they respond by throwing out their leader.

I think this exchange is one half of why Ron Paul has such a tremendous following, his message being the other The man is fearless when it comes to speaking the truth. Whether you agree with his positions on Cuba and Venezuela or not, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more sincere and honest individual running for president. It’s difficult to see during the 30-second clips that most Americans are exposed to, but those who take the time to dig a little deeper may actually see the political gem that is Ron Paul.»

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