Ron Paul entrevistado por John Stossel

Via LT/Insurgente:

"[Drugs] I think the government’s role should not be involved in personal habits. I believe those rules should protect children who are below the age of making good judgment.

[Gay Marriage – Should gays be allowed to marry?] Sure. They can do whatever they want, they can call it whatever they want. They can’t me make personnaly accept what they do, but they can do whatever they want. I’d like to see all governments out of the marriage question, I don’t think it’s a state function.

[Prostitution] I think when you defend freedom, you defend freedom of choice and you can’t be picking and chosing what people do with that freedoms. Whether it is personal behaviour or economic behaviour I want people to have freedom of choice.

[Nanny State] Governments can’t protect individuals from themselves, it’s just impossible. Otherwise they become a tyrannical state."

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