Sobre a oposição (sanções, isolamento, etc) a Cuba

(cujos custos recaiem sobre a população, ao mesmo tempo que não permitem que os laços económicos façam o seu papel de induzir mudanças)

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"Miami Cubans and CIA
On December 11th, 2007 rebel-with-a-cause says:

I grew up in Miami, watched and listened as the early exodus of supporters of dictator Fulgencio Battista started arriving. The first to arrive were the rich elite who prospered under Battista's regime, so they hated Castro and Communism.

Miami soon became a hotbed of CIA recruiting for a false-flag operation, training and arming Cubans to invade Cuba and throw out Castro - The Bay of Pigs invasion. A great book on it is "Bay of Pigs" by Peter Wieden.

That invasion failed, embarassingly, because the US didn't provide air support as we had promised. WE set them up and let them down. It is probably significant that it was a Democrat who got cold feet at the last moment. JFK. That probably was the start of their GOP infatuation.
The Cubans for years have had CIA ties. Anyone who supported talking with Castro was threatened or, in the case of one radio DJ, his car was bombed - blew his legs off (I heard the blast from my home). Where do you suppose they learned about terrorism?

They also did a lot of drug smuggling to raise money, purportedly to carry out raids on Castro or other illegal activities.

My point is, Miami's Republican Cuban mainstream is quite a bit to the right of Mussolini. They are more rabidly anti-communist than pro-freedom. Forget about getting their support. There may be a young contingent of Cubans that is open to RP's ideas, but they may be reluctant to admit it in public. Too dangerous, if Miami's anything like it was the last time I was there.

Ron Paul 2008: The most important vote of your life"

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