How does Ron Paul now stand?

"Using the latest Intrade predictions, here is how Ron Paul stands (of course subject to change as the primaries get closer):

Huckabee takes Iowa, Romney second. Paul about 5%.

McCain and Romney neck and neck in NH, with Romney having the edge; Paul at maybe 7-8%.

The next one shows that "Field", which is mainly Paul, has the winning vote: Paul wins South Carolina strongly.

Giuliani wins Florida with Paul a strong second.

In Nevada, Paul is in a three-way race with Giuliani and Romney.

Romney takes Michigan with Paul and McCain vying for second place.

Giuliani takes California with Paul and in the race for second.

Ron Paul is a definite and strong contender for the Republican nomination. He currently has widespread second-place strength. If he can gather equivalent delegates in states that proportion delegates, he comes to the convention with a good position." LRCBlog

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