Porque nem só Rudy nos faz rir

Outras qualidades:

* If Ron Paul were a comedian, he would kill us all with laughter by literally splitting our sides open.
* The Pentagon once had 6 sides...until Ron Paul got his hands on it.
* Ron Paul's didn't design the Vietnam memorial, but he carried it.
* The Declaration of Independence is printed with Ron Paul's blood.
* Ron Paul has been shot at more than a dozen times, but the "pro- 2nd Amendment" bullets refuse to harm him.
* When Ron Paul takes a shower, he doesn't get wet...the water gets Ron Paul.
* Ron Paul's evil twin could no longer live the lie. He just donated $250 to Ron Paul 2008.
* Ron Paul took a lie detector test. The lie detector tapped out.
* Ron Paul's idea of Gun Control is both hands on the weapon.
* Ron Paul speaks in the universal language of love.
* Ron Paul beat Atlas in an arm-wrestling match.
* Ron Paul can fly, but doesn't because its unconsitutional.
* Ron Paul holds the single-season homerun record.
* Ron Paul is 9 feet tall, but the weight of his conscience makes him look shorter.
* In the dewey decimal system, Ron Paul is 1.00.
* Like a duck's quack, Ron Paul's voice doesn't echo.
* Ron Paul is an impermiable membrane.
* God calls Ron Paul for advice.
* Ron Paul declared war on the war on drugs.
* Ron Paul uses tax returns of US citizens as toilet paper.
* Ron Paul supplies enough power to light Las Vegas for 15 years.
* Greek myths acknowledge Ron Paul as the supreme being.
* Ron Paul reproduces asexually.

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