Reagan e o padrão ouro, ou ... "Let Reagan be Reagan"

"Case in point is Ronald Reagan, who (as detailed in Robert Novak’s book The Prince of Darkness) supported the gold standard:

I asked Reagan: “What ever happened to the gold standard? I thought you supported it.”

“Well,” the president began and then paused (a ploy he frequently used to collect his thoughts), “I still do support the gold standard, but–”

At that point, Reagan was interrupted by his chief of staff. “Now, Mr. President,” said Don Regan, “we don’t want to get bogged down talking about the gold standard.”

“You see?” the president said to me, with palms uplifted in mock futility. “They just won’t let me have my way.”

Once again, Ron Paul is the only candidate representing the Reagan legacy." www.ronpaul2008.com

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