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"thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you thank you. thank you very much. sounds like the constitution is alive and well. you encourage me. you know it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out what we should be doing because we have a lot of problems. we have fiscal problems we have foreign policy, we have monetary policies, we have deficit problems. and where do they come from is because we don't follow the rule of law. we dont' follow the constitution. if we knew and understood and read article 1 section 8, believe me this government would be much smaller we would have a lot less taxes and we could repeal the 16th amendment and get rid of the income tax!

somewhere along the way tho, we have drifted away from the constitution. and we as conservatives, especially the conservatives running the republican party, we have drifted a long way from the positions we used to hold of limited government. and this is waht we have to talk about. we have to talk about what conservatives stand for and what we should be doing. because we're goin in the wrong direction. there's not a whole lotta time left. becuz if we continue what we're doing we're goin got have a financial crisis becuz you can't continue to spend too much. because there's limit on how much you can tax, and we're taxed to the hilt. and then there's a limit to how much borrowing you can do and we're borrowing to the hilt.

we're dependent on china, and saudi arabia and all these countries because we are the greatest debtor in the whole world today. this is diffrerent than 1970's when we had to pay for guns and butter. today we're paying for guns and butter again, but today our good jobs are overseas we owe 2.7T$ the whole country is in debt and what do we do now when we need more government? we print more money. what is the bail out package all about? our side of the aisle proposes it and the democrats wants to increase it. 150b? NO let's up it 50 to 200B? where does it come from? the govt has no money. well can you tax people? no you can't tax anymore. what are they gonna do they're gonna print the money. devalue the dollar and that's the problem we have. the dollar is low. prices are high. the people are suffering. the middle class is shrinking. so we offer the same ole pile, the same ole baloney. and then we turn around and say "well y don't we ask the federal reserve to create more money. nobody seems to have enough money. if we just had more money. maybe it would prop up the stock market." so we go to the federal reserve the badge of the federal reserve and the market and say we need more money. so they crank it out. they lower interest rates. you can't lower interest rates unless you print more money.

so they lower interest rates DRAMATICALLY, like never before. stock market goes up 200points an hour later they realize it didn't do any good, and the stock market drops 200 points. so we're in a bind. we're in a fix and i'll tell you where we overspend. EVERYWHERE. we spend too much EVERYWHERE. (APPLAUSE) this means we spend too much money overseas. we spend too much domestically. and we don't produce like we used to. so therefore the only answer is to be truly conservative. and to be truly conservative you have to truly take your oath of office seriously - that is obey the constitution. (Applause)

BUT we as republicans and conservatives we finally got control of government. 1994, matter of fact, was an exciting year. because it was the year I thought I might like to go back to congress. I'd been in for four terms in the 70's and early 80's. Was out and went back to medicine, delivered babies. And uh, 1994 I thought well this country's getting serious. We've you know, We've changed the Congress. I'm going back. I'm goin back to help. So I got back in and was sworn in again in 1997 and was hopeful. Year 2000 again hopeful. The Senate, the house and the presidency. But what have we done?

Have we lost our way or what? I mean, remember the old days? The old Reagan days when we used to say get rid of the department of Education! That's what we ought to be doing. () So when we got our chance what did we do? We doubled the size of the Department of Education. We put No Child Left behind. We did all these things. we've lost credibility. and now we're losing house seats. we've lost control of the house and senate. and right now it looks like we're going to lose even more. and it's not because we are not compassionate, it's because we're not conservative that we're losing. that's how we won before.

but now, now we have a candidate running for president, who's leading the charge. one of his best friends is Feingold, campaign finance reform. (boo) another good friend of this leading candidate his name, his good friend's name is Kennedy - on Immigration. (BOO) and then also his old time friend he's not in the senate right now Sen. Daschle. Sen Daschle used to be his good friend on taxes to INCREASE taxes not lower taxes. We need Lower taxes. (applause)

So...And now our leading candidate, guess who's position he holds on global warming - Al Gore. He supports the Al Gore bill on global warming.

So if you think we can lead this country back to conservative principles, fiscal soundness, and a decent size government, you have another thought coming cuz it's not going to happen. And therefore we have to start thinking about like conservatives thought, once again. That is what we have to do. We have to know what conservatives think about.

You know on the right to life issue. I believe - I'm a real stickler for civil liberties. I believe that libert is the most important thing cuz if we have our liberties, we have our freedoms, we can have our lives. But it's accademic to talk about civil liberties if you don't talk about the true protection of all life. So if you protect liberty, you have to protect the life of the unborn just as well.

Now I have a bill, I have a bill in Congress which I would certainly promote and push in Congress as president. But it's been ignored basically by the Right to life community. and my bill is called the sanctity of life amendment or bill. And what it would do is it would establish principle that life begins at conception. Oh and somebody says "oh why are you saying that?" But that's not a political statement, that's a scientific statement that i'm making.

But something we could have done, and I know we're all interested in a better court system, and amending the constitution to protect life. but sometimes i think that is dismissing the way we can handle this much quicker. My bill, my bill what it does it removes the jurisdiction of the federal courts from the issue of abortion. If a state law says no abortion it doesn't go to the supreme court to be ruled out of order."

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Parabens pelo blog pessoal. Estou agradavelmente surpreso por encontrar um blog dedicado ao suporte de Ron Paul!

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