Ora aqui está uma boa análise

"Don't forget the recent movie, "Amazing Grace", how the Brits got rid of slavery in their Empire. Lots of folks have seen it, showing how to do it without a war.(...)

To me it boils down to this. Southerners care about the Civil War (where in the conventional wisdom they were the bad guys). This stance will be a huge plus among Southerners (watch Huckabee's support slip). On the other hand, non-Southerners don't give a rip about the Civil War. It is old hat. If Ron Paul has the wrong opinion on it, so what? Even if he is wrong (in their eyes), he is wrong in a way they like: not going to war when other options are available. How can this be a negative when 70% of Americans want out of the Iraq war? This just cemented his anti-war credentials.

The only ones he lost, he never had in the first place. People who already think he's nuts, neocons, trotskyites, etc.

I love this stuff. The MSM are digging their own graves! "Don't worry, be happy!" :-)"

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