Libertarian Pro-life

Um comentário sobre a posição pro-life de Ron Paul. Uma posição moral pode ser ou não imposta por meios legais.

"(...)It makes perfect sense to be pro life but have the sense to realize that you can't pass laws for a moral standard. That is the job of the church. Like it or not, this country has become all about self. My car, my house, me, me, me. That's what happens when we replace God with legislation. We don't seek peace and wisdom, but instead we want everything done the way we say,"or else." Ron Paul doesn't want to use the government as a stick to beat people, but to serve. That's real moral fiber. That's what this country is founded on, but has gotten very far away from. Too much T.V. I'm thinking. May God forgive us and bring us back, because we won't legislate our way out of this one."

Um comentário de Timber a um artigo muito interessante no Usaellectionpolls sobre as sondagens estaduais, em particular as sondagens no Texas.

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